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The final entry Back in ole NZ

We are very contented to be home again after 7 weeks away. We have been to 11 countries and feel very reassured Whangamata is the right place for us to be living. It is so quiet here and our only Grandchild lives just up the road with her lovely Parents. We have been thrilled with how much Jenna missed us and she has come to play today, just as she does. It's amazing how in 7 weeks, she has matured so much. she is a big 4 year old now though.

We got home to a spotless house and extremely happy and contented cat thanks to our amazing house sitters, Shelley and Mike. Thank you so much, that was the icing on the cake for us.

We feel contented to not need to go back to Europe or the UK now that we have had a total of 15 weeks there in the 2 trips we have now done. While it was amazing, especially the history we don't have here in New Zealand, we see there is now nowhere on earth we would rather live.

Our move to Whangamata just on 1 year ago, has also completely cemented the fact that we made the right move also. We now have amazing memories of the other side of the world which we feel very privileged to have been able to have had. We thank our wonderful Travel Agent, Lisa Dorreen of House of Travel, Whangamata,(She is also our Daughter),to have put together a great itinerary, as she did last time. It went smoothly with no hiccups, just as before.

To all those who have waded through these blogs. Thank you for perservering! I appreciate it. While I cannot see names of who has read them,I do see how many read them and that certainly spurred me on each night, when I would have preferred to just relax or go to sleep.
I also found, reading the first blog I did when we went away the first time, just before we went this time, was a great memory boost from that trip. This will serve me well there too I hope.

So thanks again, there ain't no more. 👫🌍

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Wednesday 24 June Singapore

After a 12 hour much needed sleep, we feel refreshed and ready for a late breakfast in the Hotel. Fort Canning Park is just over the road so a nice walk through there and up to thenBattle Box Museum again sounds like just the perfect thing to do this morning. It's still pretty humid but seems cooler this morning for the huge pile of stairs in the park. Oh, the Battle Box is closed till September for Renovations. Oh well we saw it 3 years ago so next thing nearby was the other Museum in the park. This was really stunning and well worth seeing especially the new exhibition about Cleopatra and relics from Pompeii. We visited Pompeii 3 years ago so the frescos from the sculptures house were so interesting for us to view.

Finally, we had our first swim and lay in the warm sun back at the hotel, since Abu Dhabi 6 weeks ago. It was never warm enough in the UK or Europe to do that. Knowing it is so cold at home, we soaked up the warmth before finishing our packing and heading to the airport.

Another killer of an overnight flight awaits us but it is only about 7 hours! Like the last one. A 3 hour wait in Brisbane airport then finally, back in good old NZ. Yay! We love you NZ! I bet we will be home for a day or two and then we will be complaining about the cold. Oh yes, that's right, we have had our share of cold in the northern hemisphere summer!

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Tuesday 23 June Singapore

Well we travelled through the night and this time I think I slept for about 2 hours which would be the longest ever for me.Des didn't sleep at all. Taxi was pretty cheap and flow of traffic was so quiet after Dubai. We are staying at Peninsula Excelsior where we stayed last time. We arrived at 9.30am and our room was ready for us. Straight to sleep, sheer bliss. We got up and went out at about 4pm so felt somewhat refreshed but soon the humidity got too us as we walked down to the Singapore Flyer, along the river. It certainly was considerably cooler than Dubai and the wind helped also but it was very high humidity. Down to our favourite market street by the Flyer to see if our favourite stall was still there after 3 years. Yes it was! same lovely man, same lovely food and he hadn't put his prices up in 3 years. Amazing!!!!! Refreshed, we slowly walked back to the hotel which is quite a distance away so yet another big walk today. I do feel so tired still. Early night and a sleep in will be good. We had to check our next flight to Brisbane tomorrow night, on line as we had two different times on our itinerary and copies of our airline tickets. That's OK Lisa, tour has gone smoothly all the way until now.

Des has just read the Herald on line saying the temperatures in NZ are excessively low at present. Well we certainly have experienced all temperatures while we have been away, so what's a minor thing like freezing going to do to us. In Czech Republich, 2 days ago they were having their coldest mid summer in ages at about 11-13 degrees. Yesterday, in Dubai, it was 37 degrees and Singapore today is about 32 with possibly 100% humidity. We had that 3 years ago too so we knew what to expect here.

Tomorrow night we fly to Brisbane over night then a 3 Hour stop over and finally on to Auckland. It's going to be so great to be home to our family. Great to catch up with Daughter no 2 and her Husband in Dubai for the day yesterday and see them in Abu Dhabi for a week before we travelled on to UK.

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Monday 22 June Dubai with Fleur and Pete

We arrived at Dubai in only just over 5 hours from Prague so we were in at 11am. It then took a further hour to even see the baggage start to come out. OMG that was appalling for such an advanced country. Finally a short taxi ride to our Hotel that had changed name on the first of June and they had nothing to say we had the room booked for 24 hours so eventually, it was decided we would sort that out in the morning. We finally got to bed about 2am. Very comfortable room and although the airport is within spitting distance, very quiet.

In the morning, we thought the room extension had been sorted out, our room cards reconfigured so when Fleur and Pete arrived at 11am, from Abu Dhabi, to see us and take us out, we felt OK with the room hiccup. Off we went with Fleur and Pete to the Mall where Hard Rock Cafe is for lunch. We then headed to Dubai Mall where we suddenly felt like we had done a HUGE CIRCLE back to it around UK and Europe to get there again. We went to the enormous aquarium and up to the underwater zoo. amazing experience especially when we saw the biggest crocodile you could imagine in there also.

As Pete and Fleur fly to New York in two days time they needed to get home and the traffic was so horrendous by this time they just came back to our hotel to collect their gifts we bought them. By this time it was already late afternoon so we also needed to finish our packing to get a taxi at 6pm to take us to the airport to fly to Singapore, the next stage to getting home. First our cards for the elevator wouldn't work so someone else used their card for us to get to our floor. Next our cards wouldn't work in the door to our room and the cleaner was in our room cleaning, preparing for the next visitors, even though all our things were there. Fleur put on her organising voice, rang Reception while we asked the cleaner to come back after we have left please. Newly programmed door key sent up so hopefully and finally it is sorted for us to actually leave when we want to.

Dubai is just like a Furness again today at 37 degrees and very humid. We have been glad to have airconditioning again. Getting us prepared for Singapores heat I suppose.

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Sunday 21 June Prague to Dubai

Goodbye Europe, Great Britain and Ireland and hello again to Dubai, Fleur and Pete. We have had an amazing holiday and are sad it is finishing but we also are looking forward to going home. I always think if you look forward to going home, it means you have had a great holiday but home is always best. Today our lovely Receptionist at the Monastery, Andrea arranged our taxi and the price was 2/3rds what we paid for when we came the short distance from the train station to the Hotel. This time we went further for our Czech crown and the driver collected us right outside our door as well as came up to our room to help us down the stairs with our bags. There are no lifts in a Monastery ofcourse.

We were able to have a sleep in, a leisurely breakfast and a walk around the grounds. We also got seniors rates to go into the monastery's Gallery. Wow this was so amazing and as it was still before all the tour party's descended on the Abbey,new were th only ones there so we were able to stroll t 2 floors and see everything up close. The paintings and a few statues date backl to 1700s and were usually held there.They are so beautifully preserved and mostly done by artists who lived in Czech Republic of those times, many who stayed in the Abbey.

We still had time to go into the church finally as it seemed to always be closed before. As we walked through the galleries, wee could hear the Sunday Mass through the walls next door. The Mass finished and we were so glad we got the chance to go in. It was the most beautiful church with frescos on the ceiling and statues everywhere. The smell of incense burning was overpowering but lovely also. I know we should have attended Mass but we still went in and our whole experiences this morning were as valuable I feel.

We are now at the airport and about to board our 6 hour flight to Dubai. We will arrive about midnight and go to our hotel for a sleep before seeing Fleur and Pete.

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