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Sunday 31 May Killarney,Blarney to Tranmore


Sunny day again today. Warmer too and less cold wind today as we are in Southern Ireland. off to Blarney Castle for Des to kiss the Blarney Stone and become more eloquent. The castle stands in a pictuersque park with a river running through it with lots of spring flowers. We had 2 hours there and while Des climbed up the steep wet windy stairs to the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone, I walked all through the grounds and castle and the souvenir shop.

Next stop, Youghl, a real typical little fishing town or village really like you see in TV or the movies.

A quicker ride today and into our hotel Majestic at Tramore near Waterford, where the Chrystal comes from. Perfect name for this hotel as it is even more beautiful than most others and we sure have stayed in very wonderful hotels thanks to Cosmos. Almost straightaway we were off on a Pub tour. We picked up our guide who showed us his fishing village with its many thatched cottages and we then went to the pub which is very old. Thatched roof,3 foot thick mud walls, heavy dark beams inside with a picture of the previous owner hanging on the wall. A very feirce looking woman which apparently she was too and didn't like tourists. She would tell them there was no drink available in her pub for them and they must go back down the hill to the town if they wanted a drink. Our guide, then became our entertainment. We were all giving 2 free drinks and a bag of crisps each while we listened to him sing and place his guitar and mouth organ. His name was Ritchie and of course we all sang along with him. even our own tour guide, Marvin, danced with some of the ladies. Back to the palatial hotel dining room for a sumptuous dinner.

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Saturday 30 May Killarney to the Ring of Kerry and back

This is the third time I have tried to do this blog. lost it all twice so this is the shortened version sorry.
Very wet day actually the worst on tour. We had a sunny morning to go on our jaunting cart through the Killarney National Park with a very good guide who told the history of Killarney and all about the flora and fauna in the park as we jaunt end along in the park in the cart with the dray pulling us along at the trot. We saw the deer and Ross Castle set by a beautiful lake with swans and ducks.

After that the weather deteriorated so our trip around the Ring of Kerry in pouring rain. This is on the opposite coast to Dingle Peninsula which www did on our best sunny day. This was so different being so wet. When up in the mountains we completely enshrouded in mist and couldn't see anything.

Dinner for Des and I was in Killarney town. A very brisk walk in rain both ways, about 10 Mins to this lovely town. We felt very safe. It was very pretty and leafy.

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Friday 29 May Ennis to Killarney and in between stuff

Off in the bus after our usual English Breakfast. We head out from Ennis to Killimer to catch another small car ferry across the Shannon River through the beautiful Irish scenery to Dingle. A pretty little town with lots of brightly colour houses and shops at the gateway to the dingle Peninsula. Lunch there and a good explore of this dear little towns with its idiosyncrasies such as a traveller (gypsy) with his donkey and 2 dogs with one sitting on the donkeys saddle while traveller played his Irish squeezebox fairly poorly, probably under the influence of something, we suspected. Back on the bus for a tour of the whole peninsula. Very glad to be on he right side of the bus today as those on the left coped with the very narrow road and steep drop to the left. More beautiful scenery and the sunniest day we have had made for a wonderful 1 hour trip and back through Dingle and on to Killarney for another 2 night stay in yet another fabulous hotel. Dinner was yummy in the hotel, washing done but the internet had dropped out. Killarney is a very pretty little town with lots of trees. We are looking forward to discovering it tomorrow.

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Thursday 28 May Sligo to Ennis Ireland

We are seeing a pattern with the weather. Sunny early in the morning, raining by 9am then the rest of the morning rain and sun and in the afternoon, it is sunny until late then wet again about 8pm The wind is still whistling through our bones but the daily cooked English breakfast has put more fat on our bodies to keep us warmer!!!!!!

From our lovely hotel in Sligo we headed to Knock the village that attracts hundreds of pilgrims as townsfolk saw apparitions of Mary there. Obviously, it was of interest to us as we are Catholics but others also seem to enjoy it.

We headed to Gallway for lunch. What a lovely little Irish town this is with its cobbled streets, old buildings, buskers of Irish flavour and an area where there were no cars so you could relax as you enjoyed its Irish personality. We always love the village like towns rather than the big towns.

Today, we are having our turn in the front of the bus so we had the best views. That was really good for our next part of the journey as off we went through the Burren, which means rocky outcrop. Tiny little lanes for many miles where the bus driver expertly wove his way. The views in the Burren are so picturesque with views over Galway Bay every so often. Many thatched roof houses and lots of colour in the spring gardens.

Finally, we arrived at the cliffs of Moher which we didn't think anything could be as amazing as yesterday at the giants causeway but this was almost as breathtaking. Freezing cold wind , and a good walk up to a Tor or small castle at the top of the cliffs for the best views looking down on the cliffs. the visitors centre is a bit like our hobbit holes in the hills with just the entrances to the various shops and visitors centre showing under the hills. That was wonderful and exciting to go in to,

Finally at our beautiful hotel in Ennis, Auburn Lodge. We cannot fault our hotels. We had a short time in the hotel before we were off to Bunrattyn Castle for our Medieval Banquet. OMG, how amazing was that. We drank our soup from our bowls, eat he rest of our food with knives only and threw our bones into huge bowls for the "prisoners in the dungeon" had mead all while being entertained by wonderful singers, an Irish harp and Irish violin with the performers dressed in medieval garb. amazing show in an amazing place.

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Wednesday 27 May Belfast to Sligo and I between

Another huge day of amazing things to see and do. We are now in Sligo Southern Hotel and it also is a very old hotel like Strathpeffer but this time our room and ensuite are much better. Strathpeffer was wonderful but the room was fairly small and the floorboards creaked. This hotel is beautiful throughout. We have just come back from dinner in the hotel restaurant which was fabulous and so was the food.

This morning we went to the Devil Causeway in Northern Island. Wow Wow Wow everyone needs to see this. It was in Harry Potter and I always thought I would like to go there one day. Anyone coming to Ireland must go there please.

Next, we had lunch in Londonderry or Derry if you are Catholic. We went into Boots the Chemist and for the first time, I asked the girl behind the counter what she said three times and still did not know what she said and she was speaking English! Luck had it that Des worked it out on the third time thank God. Felt a bit like I did in Belfast. don't need to go back to either of those places thanks. The hotel in Belfast, jury's Inn was great though.

From Derry, we went to Belleek Pottery where we had a tour. It is huge and dates back to the 19th century. All pottery is hand made and some is poured castings but all is fired at least 4 times in enormous kilns. For me, as I was a potter myself in the 1980s, it was very interesting. as it is so labour intensive, it is very expensive so I am not taking any home unfortunately. I think Mum had a little basket that may have been Belleek ware so when I get home I will look for it. I know it's broken so I think it is in my mosaic box of broken.

Before arriving in Sligo, we headed to Drumcliff to see W. B. Yeats grave the Poet. The church is also very beautiful as all the churches are.

I must tell you readers about what I heard yesterday. We have a lot of Aussies on the bus and they are all great fun. we do however, have a couple that sit behind us who we cannot help but hear what they say to each other. They are probably just a few years older than us and they do not ever listen to anything our Guide, Marvin says or take much notice of anything that we are passing and are more interested in the road signs than anything else it seems. They take their photos of the road signs as we speed past them. We really think they are actually a bit brainless. They never look happy and don't seem to enjoy the tour like the rest of us. However, yesterday they were talking about putting their 2 cameras on "intelligent mode" We wondered what their photos look like on "brainless mode". Des and I often have quiet little giggles about what they say to each other. They don't seem to mix with the others and got our wicks up the other day when they told us kiwis don't sound their vowels so they never know what we say.

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